3 Winter Car Care Tips

It’s all of a sudden gotten colder around Towne Lake, GA in the last week or two. So, the team at Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail got together our 3 Winter Car Care Tips just for you.

Sad Car

photo credit flickr.com

  1. Prepare: Keep certain items in your car year round in case of an accident. For winter you want to make sure you have a blanket, flash light, flares, sand for traction in snow, shovel, windshield scraper and water bottles in case you break down during the freezing temps.
  2. Check Fluids and Battery: Make sure you use windshield wiper fluid in the winter and not water to prevent causing damage to the fluid reservoir  in your car.  You will want to be surer you have plenty of wind shield washer fluid ready to wash off the dirt and grime left behind after scraping the windshield of ice and snow. Also have a mechanic take a look at your fluids like anti-freeze, coolant, check the battery and heating system.
  3. Keeping Your Vehicle Clean: It’s already too cold outside some days to think about hand washing your car in your driveway. Let the team at Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail take care of your car’s interior and exterior cleaning with our specialized menu of services from Auto Car Wash to Detail Service.  You won’t have to worry about having a dirty or messy car just because it’s cold outside.
Remember if you are looking for a car wash and detail service in Towne Lake and Woodstock, GA;  Towne Lake’s Car Wash & Detail is the best car wash and detail service around. If you have any questions or want to know more about our menu of services please contact us!

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