3 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know about Professional Carwashes

carwash hand cleanThere’s a lot of misinformation floating around about carwashes. Everything from weird tricks to cleaning your car (yes, Coke cleans your headlines, but it also damages your finish) to the best ways to conserve water during a home carwash (there aren’t any). As you start thinking about your first auto detail of spring, we’re taking a moment to set the record straight on professional carwashing. Here are 3 things you (probably) don’t know about washing your car.

3 Things You Should Know about Professional Carwashes

  1. Professional carwashes conserve resources. When folks decide to go green, the first change they make is to switch from professional services to do-it-yourself projects. But in the case of the carwash, professional pays off for the environment. Home carwashes can waste upwards of 10 gallons per minute. Compare that to the average of 11 gallons of water professional carwashes for your entire auto service, and you’ll quickly realize that home carwashes waste tons of water per year. Professional carwashes also recycle water, treating wastewater for reuse in future services. Home carwashes not only overuse water, they contaminate the water supply when soap, wax, and other chemicals run into grass and street drains.
  2. Professional carwashes are safer for your car. Most people assume that home carwashes give that personal touch, cleaning cars without scratching the paint or fading the veneer. In fact, professional carwashes are gentler on your car’s exterior, extending the life of your vehicle.
  3. The undercarriage is just as important as the exterior. It’s easy to forget about the undercarriage when cleaning your car. After all, a dirty undercarriage never got you raised eyebrows in the school carline. But a whole host of unsavory things may be hiding out underneath your car, especially after winter. Clean away road contaminates, winter residue, and chemicals like road salt with a spring deep-clean of your car, undercarriage included.

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