3 Ways to Defog Your Windshield

rainy driving conditionsWhen it rains, it pours. The streets, skies, and air itself brims with moisture these days, making driving conditions in Woodstock wet and unpleasant. But if your car windshield fogs up in high humidity weather, “unpleasant” can quickly turn to “dangerous.” Whether your windshield tends to collect condensation during winter or summer, snow or sun, follow these tips for defogging your car windshield.

  1. Need to see, ASAP. Maybe you pulled out of the parking lot before your windows were 100% clear. Maybe you notched down the air conditioner and moisture swept across your windshield. If you’re in the middle of traffic with impaired vision, it’s dangerous for you, your passengers, and everyone on the street. If possible, pull to the side of the road. If pulling over isn’t an option, roll down the windows or blast your heat/AC unit until your car interior matches the temperature outside. Evening the heat and humidity between the cab and the outdoor air should defog your windows in a hurry.
  2. Wind those wipers. Winter fog tends to accumulate inside your windows, making it difficult to wipe away. Summer condensation builds outside your vehicle, making your windshield wipers a quick solution for a foggy windshield. While you wait for your car defroster to kick into gear, turn on your windshield wipers to keep your view unimpeded.
  3. Keep your windows clean. A clean car doesn’t just look good and last longer, it also functions more efficiently. By keeping your car exterior clean and waxed, you decrease the amount of dirt, water, and even fog that collects on your vehicle. Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail at least twice a month to keep your car in top driving shape. For added protection against Georgia rainstorms and late night humidity, ask our carwash experts to coat your windshield with a protective glass sealant.

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