4 Steps to the Perfect Summer Playlist

  1. summer road trip essentialsDetermine Your Destination. Are you driving around Woodstock, finishing up last minute errands? Or are you looking for hours of feel-good music for a summer road trip to the beach? The quality of your summer soundtrack depends on how well it fits your travels. Choose your summer destination so you can make the perfect soundtrack for your trip before you hit the open road.
  2. Choose Your Passengers Wisely. Chances are your kids love Disney songs and sing-a-longs, your daughter’s college friends will get bored with old school crooners, and your grandmother won’t fall in love with the latest rap song on Woodstock’s Top 40’s radio. Before you plan a leisurely drive through the North Georgia mountains, stock your smartphone with passenger-appropriate tunes that won’t put you to sleep at the wheel.
  3. Mix It Up. The best music mixes have highs and lows, seamlessly switching from beat-heavy summer singles to soulful highway cruising tunes. Find a common thread to glue your playlist together, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Find new songs to suit your tastes with handy music tools like Pandora. Running late for your morning commute? Pick your favorite song and create a Genius playlist on your iPod. You’ll get a mix of music you love, and you may even rediscover an old favorite.
  4. Keep Your Car Clean. Nothing kills a fresh air jam session faster than dirty windshields and crumbs on the carpet. To keep your summer soundtrack stress-free, schedule a weekly quick wash at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail. We’ll clean your car, wipe down your wheels, and protect your paint with a quick coat of wax so you can get back to cruising Georgia highways with your perfect playlist.


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