4 Things to Do Before You Drop That Top

2015 Maserati convertibleIf you’re lucky enough to own a convertible, you’re probably used to a few stares. Longing glances at the grocery store, appreciative looks on the highway, and kids pressing their faces against their windows for a better view at stoplights are par for the course for owners of sports cars. Most convertible owners are diligent about cleaning, waxing, and detailing their cars regularly. But a few simple missteps could turn those looks of admiration into judging stares. Keep your top-down vehicle in tip top shape with these convertible care tips from Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

4 Tips for Convertible Maintenance

  1. Ask the professionals. After treating yourself to the convertible of your dreams, the last thing you want to do is damage the paint with a subpar carwash. Always schedule a professional carwash appointment to wash and wax your car. Maintain the engine, tires, and fluids with regular trips to a reputable service station.
  2. Use sunscreen. After all, your soft top sits out in the sun all day. Protect your convertible’s cloth roof by regularly applying a protective sealant and moisture replenisher to a clean and dry convertible top. You’ll extend its life and protect it from UV rays, chemical pollutants, and any other roadside messes you happen to meet on your adventures.
  3. Store smart. Maintain the appearance of your convertible by always storing it with the top up. Parking a convertible with the top down (we’re talking longer than a day, here) can result in creasing, buckling, and discoloration.
  4. Think twice before dropping your top. Folding down a wet convertible roof can damage the fabric as well as the mechanism that folds and stores the top. Before feeling the wind in your hair on the highway, it’s best to let that breeze dry out lingering moisture from summer rainstorms or your lastest carwash.

Ready for your summer convertible detail? Schedule an appointment at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail and get ready to fall in love with your car all over again.

Maserati Image from Flickr

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