5 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Car

Do you think your car is always a mess? Are you sick of riding around with trash and junk in your car? Whether old your new, a great detail service can do wonders for a car. If you spend the money on the detail job, don’t you want to maintain that neat feeling you have right after you’ve been to the car wash?

Here Are 5 Easy Steps to Maintaining A Cleaner Car

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clean out: go through everything in your car, begin to throw away all the things you know are trash, then start to sort through the things that you will either take in the house, donate, or keep in the car.

throw away trash: let’s face it, nobody likes the smell of old fast food in the car, take time to make sure you clean up any left over fries that that kids might have dropped on the floor board. Use a vacuum with a attachment to get in even the tiny places in the floorboard and behind the seat.

organize: keep the essentials to a minimum in the car. The things you decide you  must have in the car with you should be neatly organized.

pick up after yourself: in other words, if you grab fast food in the car then make sure you make every effort to clean out the trash when you arrive home.

repeat: do this daily if you need to, soon it will become a habit and your car will stay cleaner, longer between professional detailing services. It will not only benefit you, but it will also help with maintaining the longevity of your car interior looking like new.


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