5 Reasons to Wax Your Car

shiny red sports carEveryone knows the benefits of a good carwash. It keeps your car looking good, it extends the life of your vehicle, and it makes commuting a more enjoyable experience. But although many car owners get regular car waxes, fewer understand the importance of waxing your car. As Woodstock shifts gears from yellow pollen to bright yellow sunshine, remember these top 5 reasons to wax your car.

  1. That new car shine. Waxing your car provides plenty of practical benefits, but there’s no denying that rolling down the road with a gleaming vehicle turns a lot of heads. There’s nothing better than hearing, “Hey, did you get a new car?” about your reliable old sedan.
  2. Waxing your car extends the life of your paint. Properly applied wax will create a buffer between your car and airborne contaminates, bird droppings, bug splatter, and even UV rays.
  3. Car wax is one of the only ways to prevent wayward dings and scratches. No matter how vigilant you are about your vehicle, there’s no protecting it from distracted shoppers in public parking lots or lightweight debris flying across the road. A regular application of wax can protect your car from minor scratches and even buff out key marks, minor dings, and paint left by other cars’ doors.
  4. Regularly waxing your car makes washing your vehicle easy. The sleek protective coating creates a barrier between the car and its paint, making messes slide right off during your weekly carwash. Carwashes become more effective with less time and effort, making maintaining your car a breeze.
  5. When you wax your car, it stays clean longer. Dirt and contaminates are less likely to cling to a waxed car, meaning you can enjoy a sleek, clean ride even if you’re too busy to stop by the carwash this week.

Want to learn more about car waxing and auto detailing at your Woodstock carwash? Call Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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