8 Ways to Ruin Your Car

A car is a major investment. That’s why the Towne Lake’s Carwash team takes such care with every detail of interior and exterior car upkeep. Unfortunately, automobile instruction manuals are longer than War and Peace, and most vehicle owners don’t have the time to read them. Here are 8 ways you may be ruining your car without knowing it.

Top 8 Ways to Ruin Your Car

  1. Ignoring the parking brake. Even on fairly level ground, parking without the parking brake puts stress on your transmission. Save yourself from replacing the parking pawl by remembering to engage the parking brake whenever you park on an incline.
  2. Riding the brakes, especially downhill, wears out your parking pads. Instead, alternate between firmly pressing the brake and letting up.
  3. shifting gearsShifting in motion. Shifting gears before your car comes to a complete stop wreaks havoc on suspension and transmission.
  4. Leaving everything on. Your car works the hardest when it’s warming up. Put less stress on the engine by turning off the radio, A/C, and other accessories.
  5. Not changing your oil can cut the life expectancy of your car in half (not to mention decreasing its performance).
  6. Ignoring warning signs. It’s easy to hear strange car sounds as dollars draining out of your bank account, but the truth is, the longer you put off car maintenance, the more it will cost you.
  7. Driving on empty. Many experts recommend keeping at least a quarter tank at all times.
  8. Not washing the car. Not only does skipping carwashes make your car look grimy, it can lead to buildup of rust and contaminants that damage vital car functions.

Regular carwashes and waxes can extend the life of your vehicle and keep auto resale value high. Visit Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for your seasonal auto detail before the temperatures drop.

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