A New Year for Your Car

The Woodstock streets are full of people trekking to the gym, scouring health food stores for palatable menu options, and digging into home clutter they’ve been avoiding since 2012. The kickoff of 2014 reminds us to look to the future as we assess the areas of our lives that are holding us back. But the new year isn’t just about reaching your potential; it’s also an excellent opportunity to extend the life of your car. Start a 2014 automobile maintenance routine, use your wheels a little more wisely, and keep your car clean throughout the year.

Keep Up With Your Car

It’s easy to let the little things slide, but the small stuff builds up fast. Does your car have squeaky breaks? Visit an auto mechanic. Are your wipers streaking your windshield? Get them replaced, and invest in a glass treatment to repel rain from your windshield. Does your car’s cleanliness deteriorate often? Make a point to never leave snack trash in your cup holder or passenger seat. Little by little, you’ll form new habits . . . and keep your car running smooth.

dirt roadTravel More

Cars offer untold adventures and new experiences, but the opportunities are often ground into the pavement by the minutiae of daily life. Take advantage of the open road before you. Visit a new restaurant, explore a city you’ve always admired, and take your kids to the park. Don’t just change your life, enrich it.

Visit Your Carwash

Not only does a regular trip to your Woodstock quick wash keep your car clean and presentable, it also extends the life of your automobile. Regular washing and waxing protects your vehicle from road contaminates, pollution, and the natural elements that age your car. Visit Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for a fast, professional carwash. Stock up on fresh floor mats in our waiting area, choose a new car air freshener for 2014, and ensure that your car meets next year in better condition than it’s meeting this one.

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