A Trip to the Spa – For your Car!

Quick – take a peek at the mats on the floor of your car. Are they covered in pet fur and crushed cracker crumbs? Do you see empty juice cups and various sports teams’ gear, just waiting to find a home outside of your backseat?

Never fear! The team at Towne Lake Carwash and Detail is here to make sure that your car is clean and feeling like new.

Often, our cars get overlooked when it comes to the inside.  Sure, the outside gets a nice wash and wax, and even the tires get in on the fun, but the inside is left full of family clutter and trash. Here are a few easy fixes to keep the inside nice and clean.

Transferring Fido or Fluffy? Keep an old blanket to drape over the seats so that the animal fur doesn’t get all over your seats. Better yet, keep your pets safe  in a well-ventilated crate or carrier.

Uncovered Drinks Must Go. Make a rule that uncovered drinks aren’t allowed in the car to prevent spills. Use drinking bottles with screw-on caps or spill-proof cups for smaller kids. Keep some empty bottles handy at your home so you can pour drinks from the fridge into the bottles before traveling. Lastly, try to avoid canned drinks in the car, because they’re sure to spill.

Corral Snacks. Snacks should be packed in sealed baggies or in a snack catcher that can be re-sealed when finished snacking. Also, avoid snacks that can melt easily in the hot sun. Melted chocolate doesn’t look good on anyone’s car upholstery! Make a rule that if snacks enter the vehicle, they must exit the vehicle the same day. This gives your children equal responsibility in keeping the car clean.

From road trips to day-to-day errands, the interior of your family car can take a backseat to all the other things on your to-do list. Come on by to Towne Lake Carwash and Detail in Woodstock, GA to get the inside as beautiful as the outside.


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