April Flowers Bring Spring Showers

pollen dusting carThere’s nothing more frustrating than walking outside on a bright spring day to find your freshly washed car coated with a layer of yellow dust. It’s the season of warm sunshine, green grass, and, yes, pollen in Woodstock. Whether you suffer from spring allergies or you simply want to extend the life of your vehicle, don’t let pollen contaminate your car this spring.

Keeping Pollen Off Your Paint

Even if you can’t see it, spring pollen clings to your car’s exterior, eating through the wax to dull your car’s paint. To protect your car from pollen corrosion, remember:

  • Park in the garage whenever possible
  • Don’t park under trees or near gardens, even for quick errands
  • When you wipe off pollen with a dry rag, you run the risk of scratching your paint

If you find your automobile covered in yellow dust, visit Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for a quick wash or car detail. We advise weekly carwashes in the spring to wash off contamination from pollen. Get regular car waxes to protect your paint from abrasive yellow dust between washes.

Clean Car Air

When pollen season strikes, your car’s exterior isn’t the only casualty. Pollen works its way into crevices to stain carpeting, grind into upholstery seats, and lodge in air vents. Instead of subjecting your loved ones to the visual (and respiratory) blight of spring pollen, clean your car regularly during pollen season. Purchase vinyl floor mats to protect your carpet from pollen residue on your shoes, vacuum your car seats regularly, and replace car air filters once a month to remove pollen buildup from your car interior. Instead of rolling down the windows as you cruise through Woodstock, create a breeze with A/C and a springtime fresh scent with a car air freshener from Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

photo from flickr

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