The Evolution of the Carwash

Once upon a time if you wanted your car washed, you had to do it yourself. Early automobile owners took pride in maintaining their vehicles, but without professional carwashes they were left with the time-consuming task of regular vehicle upkeep. Then 1914 rolled around and everything changed.

The Evolution of the Carwash

  • carwash equipmentIn 1914 two Detroit entrepreneurs saw a need for a professional carwashing service. The first carwash was a three man operation: the car wash pushed through an assembly line where one attendant would soap the car, the next would rinse it, and the third would dry it. It may not sound like much, but it paved the way for carwashes as you know them.
  • The first conveyor carwashes used a hook system to pull cars through the tunnel, making each carwash faster and more effective. By 1951 carwashes were fully automated. These hands-free washes used machines to soap, scrub, rinse, and dry automobiles as they moved through the tunnel.
  • The 1960’s saw major changes to the carwash industry. Among the innovations were soft cloth friction washing, wraparound brushes, recirculating water systems, and roller on demand conveyor belts. The 60’s and 70’s also started the self-service carwash movement, which (thanks to better equipment and water capture systems) makes washing your own car more effective than a home carwash.
  • After the mechanics of the carwash were in place, professional automobile cleaners could focus on improving services. The quick wash quickly gained popularity because of the low cost and high reward for customers. With the rise of the quick wash, professional carwash services began offering individualized menu options, including interior washes, exterior washes, waxing, hand drying, and full auto detailing.

We’ve learned a lot about washing cars over the last century. Take advantage of our expertise by scheduling a carwash at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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Prepare Your Car for a Summer Roadtrip

freshly waxed mini cooperSummertime always is the best time for a road trip, but you need to ensure your car is up to the task by making some basic preparations. Overlooking any car detail during the summertime could leave you stranded and needing a tow or roadside service. The following are some basic tips and suggestions from Towne Lake Car Wash and Detail to make certain your car is in the best possible condition for a summertime road trip.

Keep It Cool

One of the most important things you will need to do is check your coolant to make sure your engine won’t overheat while on a long drive. Summertime travel means hot temperatures outdoors as well as under your hood, so you need to ensure your coolant is fresh and will keep your engine well within operating temperatures. You might simply need to top it off, but a flush and fill might be required for optimal driving.

Belts and Hoses

Check that your rubber belts and hoses are in good condition and won’t fail, which can cause a coolant leak and your engine to overheat. Your fan belt also needs to be in good shape as your fan will undergo more stress during a summer drive.


Your tires will undergo additional stress during the summertime when the roads are hotter. If your tires aren’t in the best of shape, you should replace them with new ones so you have plenty of tread – and therefore traction and a safer driving experience.

Once you have the safety aspects checked out on your vehicle, the last item on your list is a fresh wash and wax to protect your vehicle’s paint from environmental wear and harsh UV rays. Just stop by Towne Lake Car Wash and Detail or make an appointment and we will send you on your way with a freshly washed car!


Are You Teaching Your Kids Bad Driving Habits?

Parents like to feel like they’ve equipped their children to handle the responsibility of driving. Most parents spend years worrying about their kids, instilling good driving habits, and teaching teens to respect their vehicles. But just as many undermine those good examples with their own bad driving habits.

4 Ways Parents Teach Teens Bad Driving Habits

  1. driving with dogDistracted driving. Parenthood is hard. The number of fires to put out at any given time ranges from “a few” to “too many to count.” But when parents allow themselves to drive distractedly – whether that means fiddling with a carseat, mediating an argument, or texting at a stoplight – kids take note. A few years down the line, those tendencies are more likely to slip into your kids’ driving habits than a few “don’t text and drive” lectures from mom and dad.
  2. Road rage. When we’re behind the wheel, we feel like we’re always right. But parents who get frustrated with other drivers’ mistakes often make their kids more likely to develop road rage. Instead of yelling when a distracted driver cuts you off, take the opportunity to teach your teen to always pay attention – because the other driver may not be.
  3. Letting worry get the best of you. Every parent wants to make sure their kids are safe. Unfortunately, one of the fastest ways to check on your kids is to call or text. And when teens feel pressured to respond to parents’ check-ins en route, they become dangerous drivers.
  4. Getting vigilant about curfew. Curfews are an important part of raising responsible teenagers. But when parents get picky about not missing curfew by a minute, teens often resort to unsafe driving practices to get home on time. Instead of grounding your teen for being five minutes late (or worse, calling to lecture while your child is driving), plan ahead. Call your teen well before curfew to remind them it’s time to head home.

What’s one habit you should pass on to teen drivers? Keeping your car clean! Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail to teach your teen drivers the value of maintaining their cars.

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4 Things to Do Before You Drop That Top

2015 Maserati convertibleIf you’re lucky enough to own a convertible, you’re probably used to a few stares. Longing glances at the grocery store, appreciative looks on the highway, and kids pressing their faces against their windows for a better view at stoplights are par for the course for owners of sports cars. Most convertible owners are diligent about cleaning, waxing, and detailing their cars regularly. But a few simple missteps could turn those looks of admiration into judging stares. Keep your top-down vehicle in tip top shape with these convertible care tips from Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

4 Tips for Convertible Maintenance

  1. Ask the professionals. After treating yourself to the convertible of your dreams, the last thing you want to do is damage the paint with a subpar carwash. Always schedule a professional carwash appointment to wash and wax your car. Maintain the engine, tires, and fluids with regular trips to a reputable service station.
  2. Use sunscreen. After all, your soft top sits out in the sun all day. Protect your convertible’s cloth roof by regularly applying a protective sealant and moisture replenisher to a clean and dry convertible top. You’ll extend its life and protect it from UV rays, chemical pollutants, and any other roadside messes you happen to meet on your adventures.
  3. Store smart. Maintain the appearance of your convertible by always storing it with the top up. Parking a convertible with the top down (we’re talking longer than a day, here) can result in creasing, buckling, and discoloration.
  4. Think twice before dropping your top. Folding down a wet convertible roof can damage the fabric as well as the mechanism that folds and stores the top. Before feeling the wind in your hair on the highway, it’s best to let that breeze dry out lingering moisture from summer rainstorms or your lastest carwash.

Ready for your summer convertible detail? Schedule an appointment at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail and get ready to fall in love with your car all over again.

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Unusual Auto Washes at TLCD

At Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail, we wash a lot of cars. Our professional carwash experts breath new life into rundown clunkers, keep family vans clean and comfortable, and prevent sports cars from losing their value due to dingy paint or dirty wheels. But we deal in more than just sedans and SUVs. Take a look at a few less common automobiles we’ve cleaned around Woodstock.

Boat Washes in Woodstock

washed and waxed boatIf you wouldn’t roll into work in a dirt-streaked car, why would you put a dirty boat on the lake? Boats need just as much auto maintenance as their road-ready counterparts. Extend the life of your boat by hosing it down when it’s out of the water, cleaning the interior and exterior throughout the summer, and bringing it to your favorite Woodstock carwash for boat detailing at the end of the season.

Cleaning Motorcycles

Motorcycles burn up a lot of road, but motorcyclists don’t always know the best ways to clean their babies. If you’re ready for a shine that will put chrome wheels to shame, bring your motorcycle to the professionals for a seasonal detail.

Washing the ADA Bus

ada legacy busA few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with the folks from the ADA Legacy Tour. The ADA bus spent the last year touring America to commemorate the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. And trust us: their bus collected a whole lotta dirt! We had a great time talking to the team as we washed their bus from top to bottom, giving them a gorgeous gleam before they round out the tour in Washington DC on July 26th. “No goal too high” is something we can all agree on!

Have an unusual automobile that needs a wash and wax? Don’t be afraid to bring it by! At Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail, we take special care to give every vehicle just what it needs to look great.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Washing Car WheelsTowne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail in Woodstock, Georgia can give your auto an impressive, professional detail job from hood to wheels. Auto detailing may seem pointless or frivolous especially if you have a busy family, but detailing isn’t just about looking clean. It actually extends your car’s life! Detailing can keep the intense Georgia sun from deteriorating your paint job and keep dust away from moving parts. As an added bonus, it can help keep the resale value high.

You should get your vehicle detailed bi-yearly, but here’s a do-it-yourself checklist for those times in-between services. These quick tasks can keep your baby like-new and on the road for years to come. Here’s some car detailing tips:

  • Routinely wash and wax your vehicle’s exterior to preserve its paint job and prevent rust.
  • Spray off the undercarriage.
  • Clean tires, tirewalls, and rims.
  • Use upholstery cleaners regularly to prevent permanent stains.
  • Vacuum the interior.
  • Clean doorjambs.
  • Spray air vents and small crevices with a can of compressed air.

Of course, we can also perform any of the aforementioned duties during an auto detail appointment. Here are some of the other essential tasks our professionals can perform when your bring your vehicle in for a detailing appointment:

  • Apply protective sealants to your car’s exterior and interior.
  • Remove scratches.
  • Seal tires, tirewalls, and rims.
  • Clean the engine.

Our wide range of service packages can fit any budget. Consider making an appointment today for any of these options:

  • Carpet Express
  • Exterior Hand Dry
  • Exterior Supreme
  • Full Clean
  • Hand Wash
  • Mini Detail
  • Quick Service
  • Quick Service Plus
  • Super Interior
  • Ultimate Interior
  • Wax: Hand Wax
  • Wax: Orbital Wax
  • Wheel Luster

Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail can keep your car running at its peak performance!

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How To Save Money On Gas

Fuel Pump Stock PhotoGas prices seem to go up without warning, taking a bigger chunk out of your budget. You can’t control the price of gas, but you can follow a few simple tips to help save money when you fill up your tank.

  1. Combine errands. Combining errands will reduce the number of miles you drive and help your car run more efficiently. Short trips taken from a cold start use a lot more gas than one long trip over the same distance.
  2. Check gas prices online. Sites like let you track gas prices online. You might be able to find that if you wait just a few more miles on your way home from work, for example, you’ll be driving by a station that’s cheaper.
  3. Buy the right kind of gas. Most cars are designed to be run on regular octane fuel – your cheapest choice at the pump. Check your owner’s manual to make sure what type of fuel is recommended for your car.
  4. Keep your tires properly inflated. Having under inflated tires is common, but you’ll use more gas than necessary. Keep your tires inflated to the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch). To find the recommended PSI, look in your owner’s manual or on the sticker on the driver’s side door.
  5. Watch your driving style. Try to drive smoothly, avoiding quick starts and stops. Don’t speed, because gas mileage decreases quickly at speeds above 60 miles an hour. And use efficient features like cruise control when appropriate.

Smart drivers visit Town Lake’s Car Wash and Detail to help keep their cars looking its best. Drop by at your convenience, or make an appointment. You can use our wi-fi, or just relax and watch our 50-inch big screen TV while we take care of your vehicle!

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Car Wash Frequency: What’s Considered Normal?

How often should I be washing my car?” Here at Towne Lake Carwash and Detail, we get asked this question pretty regularly. The short answer is, “it depends.” There are a few different variables that will determine how often your car will need a good wash, including weather, location (where you park, that is), and often and how far you drive each day.


Weather is usually the best indicator of whether your car needs a good wash. Folks who live in the north have ice and salt to contend with during the winters, but down here in Woodstock, our usual culprits are rain, sun and heat. With all the rain we’ve been having this summer, you’ll actually need to wash your car as often as you would during the sunny weeks. Moisture attracts impurities that can potentially damage your paint, chrome and trim. Heat on the other hand, accelerates damage to the clear coat by further activating the acids in sap, bird droppings and that bug that smashed itself into your windshield. Car covered in pollen

Parking Locations

Where do you park your car? Do you have a garage, or do you park in a parking lot or driveway? Where you park can actually have an effect on the wear and tear of your car. For example, if you park under a tree, be wary of pollen or sap, which can ruin the paint on your car.

Driving – How Often and How Far

Obviously, someone with an hour commute is prone to more elements like wind, rain, heat and general wear and tear than someone who only travels 10 minutes to work. If you’re in your car somewhere between those two, the average suggestion is twice a month to keep your car’s exterior in the best shape possible.

In addition to washing, we recommend protecting your car with a sealant or wax to shield your paint and metal and from scratches, discoloration, fading and more.

What does your car wash routine involve? How often and what products do you use to help protect your paint? Share with us by leaving a comment below!