Be Car Wizards This Winter

winter travelHere in Woodstock, GA we rarely have to worry about salted roads and snow tires. Our winter automobile preparation checklists usually stop at “pre-winter car wax.” But as you plan your cross-country holiday journeys, you won’t be fighting just traffic. As you double check your emergency car kit and pack your presents, keep in mind the foreign contaminates that will cling to your car during your travels.

Freezing Conditions

When you travel to New York, Wisconsin, or even Texas these days you’ll want to prepare for cold-weather driving conditions. Thoroughly clean your car and coat your wheels, windshield, and wipers with an ice-repelling wax sealant. Not only does a protective coating keep your family safe during holiday travels, it also protects your car from long-term winter damage.


If you’re traveling somewhere cold, you may have to contend with road salt. A major safety boon, road salt also causes car enthusiasts across the country mass amounts of stress. Road salt left to sit will eat away your paint, corrode your chrome wheel hubs, and rust areas underneath your car. The easiest solution for avoiding car damage from road salt is to wash your vehicle as soon as you get home to Woodstock.

General Travel Contaminates

Interstates are a mess of travel muck wherever you roam. Apart from dust and bird droppings, your car will pick up oil and gasoline residue, city smog, and a number of other contaminates that damage your automobile. Make a full-body car detail your New Year’s resolution. Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail will remove travel grime, buff your paint, and wax your vehicle, so you and your car are ready to face 2014.

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