Beat Thanksgiving Rush Hour

The holidays offer us a chance to take a step back from our lives, to take a look at the big picture and give thanks for all the little things we take for granted every day. Thanksgiving is a season of gratitude, of good food and loving company. But as much as the season of thanks reminds us to leave our worries behind and celebrate with the people we love, it also comes with its own share of stress. Between grocery shopping, cooking for houseful of guests, and traveling to your destination, Thanksgiving dinner always feels well earned. Make the journey easier on yourself this year with these Thanksgiving travel tips.

Choose Your Travel Plans Wisely

holiday traffic jamThe Wednesday before Thanksgiving ranks in the top 2 busiest travel days of the year, and the Sunday after Black Friday isn’t much better. Save your family the headache of wasting hours in traffic by planning your travel schedule ahead of time. If possible, leave after work on Tuesday or early Thursday morning. If Wednesday is your only opportunity to hit the road, leave before 6am to guarantee clear interstates.

Make a List

The last thing you want on a holiday road trip is to forget something. Before hitting the road this Thanksgiving, double check your packing list. Don’t forget:

  • Your assigned food dish
  • Gifts for long distance family
  • Extra chargers for phones and GPS systems
  • Books, games, movies, and small toys to keep the kids entertained
  • Snacks and bottles of water
  • Your roadside emergency kit

Travel Light

Those extra pillows may seem like a great idea now, but when you’re stuffed with stuffing you won’t want to be stuck inside a car of extra luggage. Pack light this Thanksgiving to reduce stress and save gas on your road trip.

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