Blazing a Thanksgiving Trail

We’re in the final weeks before Thanksgiving arrives with all its warm colors, scrumptious dishes, and grand reunions. Magazines, talk shows, and blogs are serving up tips to prepare your home for the holidays. But what if you’re traveling for Thanksgiving? According to the Department of Transportation, car trips in America increase 54% during Thanksgiving week. If you’re planning a holiday visit to faraway family or friends, you probably know which tunes you’re bringing, what snacks to pack, and if your car has room for an extra suitcase. But whether you’re a road trip veteran or tackling holiday travel for the first time, here are a few facts to remember.

traffic atlantaThanksgiving Car Travel Statistics

  • Only 5-6% of holiday travelers fly
  • Driving is usually cost effective than flying
  • Many Americans rent cars to protect their vehicles from travel related wear-and-tear
  • Americans driving 50-100 miles usually travel on Thanksgiving Day
  • Family visits increase 29% for Thanksgiving
  • Younger family members are more likely to visit older relatives than vice versa
  • Atlanta was #6 on ABC News’ 2010 list of worst holiday traffic

Clean Your Car for a Better Road Trip

Not only is your automobile dependable, it’s bringing you to people you love. Thank your car for a great year of service by caring for its maintenance and washing needs. Before you hit the open road, vacuum the inside of your vehicle. Hours stuck in traffic only gets worse if you’re staring at a week-old Cheeto in the crevice between your seat and the console. Save the full body detailing for after the holidays. Your automobile will need some TLC to wash miles of grime, oil, and bug splatter from its paint and windshield. Visit your Woodstock quick wash for a post-holiday carwash.

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