Brake Dust

What is break dust, why does it happen and how do I reduce it? Those are the burning questions I ask myself every morning when walking out to my car – don’t you?

First thing’s first; brake dust is rotor material that is caused by an excessively abrasive disc pad wearing the rotor material away. The appearance of heavy black dust on shiny aluminum rims can cause a lot of frustration. Usually the front wheels are most affected because the front end handles about 70% of the stopping.

Brake dust is a combination of high-temperature metal, fiber, and adhesive that sticks to your car wheels and is a by-product of your brakes under normal operation. While a small amount of brake dust does not do much harm to your wheels or your tires, they are agents of corrosion. Hot brake dust can wear your wheels and make them susceptible to rusting and corrosion.

The high temperature corrosive can also make its way to the rubber wheels, causing punctures, wear and other forms of damage. If you have too much brake dust, your car may be unsafe to drive at safe speeds. Having a lot of brake dust on your wheels can also mean that you need to replace your brakes or that you may only need to clean the wheels.

If you have accumulated brake dust on your vehicle, bring your car in for a car wash today at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail in Woodstock, GA.

brake dustimage from flickr 

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