Car Wash Frequency: What’s Considered Normal?

How often should I be washing my car?” Here at Towne Lake Carwash and Detail, we get asked this question pretty regularly. The short answer is, “it depends.” There are a few different variables that will determine how often your car will need a good wash, including weather, location (where you park, that is), and often and how far you drive each day.


Weather is usually the best indicator of whether your car needs a good wash. Folks who live in the north have ice and salt to contend with during the winters, but down here in Woodstock, our usual culprits are rain, sun and heat. With all the rain we’ve been having this summer, you’ll actually need to wash your car as often as you would during the sunny weeks. Moisture attracts impurities that can potentially damage your paint, chrome and trim. Heat on the other hand, accelerates damage to the clear coat by further activating the acids in sap, bird droppings and that bug that smashed itself into your windshield. Car covered in pollen

Parking Locations

Where do you park your car? Do you have a garage, or do you park in a parking lot or driveway? Where you park can actually have an effect on the wear and tear of your car. For example, if you park under a tree, be wary of pollen or sap, which can ruin the paint on your car.

Driving – How Often and How Far

Obviously, someone with an hour commute is prone to more elements like wind, rain, heat and general wear and tear than someone who only travels 10 minutes to work. If you’re in your car somewhere between those two, the average suggestion is twice a month to keep your car’s exterior in the best shape possible.

In addition to washing, we recommend protecting your car with a sealant or wax to shield your paint and metal and from scratches, discoloration, fading and more.

What does your car wash routine involve? How often and what products do you use to help protect your paint? Share with us by leaving a comment below!


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