Cleaning interior upholstery stains

pesky car interior stainsKnowing how to clean your upholstery will help bring the original look back to your material. Knowing how to get certain stains out of your upholstery is important to keeping up the car’s resale value. We have created a list of ways to clean off some of the toughest, most inconvenient stains.

Crayon– For any crayon stains from the kids, place a brown paper bag over the stain and put a household iron on low over the bag to remove the stain.

Coffee– Immediately dilute coffee spills with cool water and blot with paper towels. If the stain still remains after drying, spray with glass cleaner.

Milk stains– If milk happens to spill out on the way home from the grocery store, quickly clean it up with a good laundry detergent and spray with lemon juice.

Ink stains– Hairspray will help lift out pen ink stains on carpeting and upholstery. Allow the hairspray to set until stain is lifted out completely.

Car Sickness – Stains for carsickness can be cleaned with club soda, or a mixture of baking soda and water.

For a more thorough cleaning, come see us at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail  in Woodstock, GA for a thorough car detailing to remove the toughest pesky stains.

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