Cleaning Stains from Carpet & Upholstery

rainy parking lotRain, snow, or sleet, water can wreak havoc on our automobiles. Regular car waxing protects your car’s exterior from the elements, but problems like streaky windshields, muddy carpets, and water stained upholstery are impossible to predict and difficult to prevent. If you can’t visit your Woodstock carwash the next time a passenger leaves a muddy shoeprint on your carpet, address the issue immediately to save your car from a lasting stain.

Cleaning Water Stains from Upholstery

As anyone with a fabric sofa knows, water stains can look just as bad as spilled juice or grease smears. Car upholstery is hardier than home fabrics, but frequent torrential downpours may result in water stains on your car seats. An occasional application of fabric sealant may protect your car from wet weather, but how do you clean car upholstery that’s fallen victim to the rain? Here are a few home remedies:

  • Dampen the stained area with a clean cloth, cover the spot with paper towels, and use a blow drier to soak up the stain.
  • Use the steam setting on an iron to release the stain and let the area air-dry. Repeat as necessary.
  • Sprinkle borax onto the damp stain, scrub with a soft brush, and vacuum away the remaining borax.
  • Spray vinegar onto the water stain, allow the upholstery to dry, and wipe clean.

Cleaning Mud from Car Carpet

Sturdy car mats are the best way to prevent mud stains on your carpet, but accidents happen. If your carpet is streaked with mud, allow the area to dry completely. Scrape away excess mud with a credit card and vacuum the area. Blot the area with a soft cloth, using a mixture of soap and warm water. Wash away the cleaning solution and allow the area to dry. If the stain persists, try a carwash certified carpet cleaner. Never use circular or rubbing motions when removing stains; harsh or repetitive motions will grind the stain deeper into your fabric.

Regular carwashes help prevent water stains and streaky windshields during wet weather. Visit Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for quality floor mats, a professional carwash, and protective car waxing.

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