Clearing the Smoke

There’s nothing worse than being a non-smoker with a vehicle that smells like ashes. Maybe your car was a hand-me-down from an aunt with a smoking habit. Maybe you bought it used from a redneck chainsmoker. Maybe you have a friend who continually lights up in the car, no matter how many times you ask him not to. Cleaning smoke out of vehicles is a challenge, it’s true. Luckily, Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail is here to help you out.

4 Tips for Cleaning Smoke Out of a Car

  1. cigarette ashRemove the evidence. Did someone leave cigarettes in your ashtray? Did you find butts buried beneath the seats? The first step in clearing the smoke is getting rid of old cigarettes. Clean out ashtrays with a fresh, citrus-scented cleaner.
  2. Worst first. To clear the smoky smell out of a car, start with the seats. Ground up ashes often survive in car upholstery, in the creases between seats, and even in the carpet. Scents also linger in fabrics; your seats probably contain the worst of the smoky smell.
  3. Clean the glass. You may not know it, but scents cling to the glass in your car. Clear the smell (and the view) by using a powerful cleaner to clean and deodorize your windshield, windows, and mirrors.
  4. Clean remaining surfaces thoroughly. Use a foaming cleaner on the carpet and seats, clean the dashboard, steering column, and center console, and use a toothbrush to brush any leftover ash out of those hard-to-reach crevices.
  5. Freshen up. After you clean your car, buy an air freshener to eradicate any remaining scent of smoke.
  6. Ask a professional. Is your car just not clean enough? Don’t have time to go over your vehicle with a fine-toothed comb? At Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail we offer a variety of auto detailing services, from carpets-only to a full interior/exterior detail with auto waxing. Visit your Woodstock carwash and say “so long” to a smoky cab.

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