Convertible Top Care for your Car

This patch of warm springlike weather that Woodstock has been blessed with recently has us seeing more convertible tops open on Towne Lake Parkway. Whether it’s a fabric convertible top or vinyl top, it will benefit from regular maintenance. You’ll find that having a convertible is just as carefree and fun – even more so – when you have a clean, well-protected top.

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Our crew will make sure we take utmost care in cleaning your convertible top when you bring it by Towne Lake Car Wash and Detail.  We’ve had many a soft top car come through our carwash,and our tunnel carwash is perfectly safe for them.  Additionally, we always make sure to give them the expert care you’re used to from our team. Here are a couple extra hints to keep it lasting even longer:

  • Try not to park under trees. As much as you want to keep your car cool,  tree sap could fall on top of the car. Also, birds have a tendency to sit in trees – and birds are famous for making a mess of your car’s beautiful exterior.
  • Your vinyl top will last longer if you protect it from the start. Proper vinyl care is as simple as weekly washes with a gentle shampoo, monthly cleanings with a vinyl top cleaner and monthly application of a vinyl top protectant.
  • To ensure that your car top does not bunch, gather or buckle, it is best to lower the top halfway, and then smooth the canvas or vinyl.This will lengthen the life of your soft top.
  • Also, keep in mind, prevent road vibrations from rubbing the vinyl window onto itself as you drive, use a small piece of fleece or soft cotton (not terrycloth) to protect the window.  As you lower your top, after smoothing the wrinkles, lay the fleece across the window.

As always, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We hope to see you and your car soon at Towne Lake Carwash and Detail in Woodstock, GA!


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