Detailing Your Boat For Winter

It’s sad to say it, but summer is officially coming to end. Unfortunately, that means no more BBQ’s, pool parties, or weekends on the boat. When it comes time to clean and winterize your boat, it is essential that you have it properly detailed. Without proper detailing, dirt can wreak havoc on your once nice looking boat. Proper hibernation will prevent the boat from cracks and corrosion.

Like any other thing, it is always important to read the owner’s manual before getting started. Once you have finished fixing the cracks, it is important that you get a proper washing and detailing service for your boat. This detailing can easily be tackled by your local car wash. During the cleaning, your detailing specialist will go through and remove any extra residue that was left on or underneath the boat. After the boat has been thoroughly cleaned, it will get pressure washed to remove any final grime. Once gently toweled off, the boat will receive a coat of wax and protectant that will keep it protected in the harsh conditions of the winter months.


Now that the outside of the boat is looking great, it will be time to tackle the interior. Your car wash detailer will vacuum the carpets, scrub the leather and clean the fiberglass. Once this is all finished the boat will need to be completely dry and covered to prevent mildew.

Once your boat is cleaned, you will be happy to know that there will be no unpleasant surprises come spring.

What other steps do you take to get you boat ready for the winter?

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