Does My Car Need Waxing?

With the current threat of fall leaves and the harshness of winter on the horizon, it’s time for a refresher course on the importance of auto waxing. Newly manufactured cars have more glitz, gleam, and built-in protection than older models, but that doesn’t mean waxing isn’t necessary. Protect your car from dirt, debris, and contaminates with regular auto waxes.

Does My Car Need Waxing?

handheld car polisherIs it time to swing by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for an auto wax? Here are a few easy tests to know if your car needs waxing.

  • Water beading. After a rainfall, does water bead on the surface of your car? If so, your wax is still doing its job. If the water creates large, wet sheets instead, it’s time for a fresh coat of wax.
  • The squeak test. Use this test on a dry, clean car. Fold a terrycloth cotton towel until you have a thick pad. Press it firmly against the car’s surface and twist it back and forth. If the car squeaks, it’s time for a wax.
  • Watch the clock. How long has it been since your last wax? If it’s been longer than 3 months, it’s time for a fresh coat.

How to Extend a Car Wax

Want to make a car wax last longer? For a better looking and better protected automobile, follow these car care tips.

  • Move. Okay, okay. Not going to happen. But hot and humid climates erode auto wax more quickly than cooler climates. Protect your car by parking under a shaded awning or in the garage.
  • Speaking of parking in the garage, it also limits your vehicle’s exposure to debris and contaminates, thus extending the life of your wax.
  • Always clean your car thoroughly before applying fresh wax. Waxing a dirty car traps contaminates against the paint, dulling the surface over time.

For the best auto wash and wax, make an appointment at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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