Don’t Bug Out Over Insects in Your Grill

Bugs seem like a never-ending problem in Woodstock, GA, and with all this rain and humidity, they’ve been particularly pesky this summer. Once an insect hits your car, scrubbing it off takes longer than your morning commute. On tough jobs like bug removal, it’s best to let the carwash professionals at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail primp your ride. But if you’re between washes—or worse, rolling in a freshly cleaned car—you may want to try tackling the mess in your own garage.bug spatter on grill

Bug Basics

Before you begin, it’s important to understand just what bug splatter does to your car. We know it mars the finish of your clean and polished vehicle and removing it is a task more daunting than washing off spring pollen. But bugs do more than just stick to your paint job; they damage it, too. As bugs decompose they release enzymes to speed the decaying process. This acidic bug juice eats away at the protective layers of wax and topcoat to erode the expensive paint of your automobile. The longer you leave the carcasses, the more time they have to exact their revenge on the  car that smashed them.

Beating the Bugs

There are endless lists of home remedies that swipe bug splatter from your car. Unfortunately, some of them are just as damaging to your paint as insect acid. When researching your options, make sure you read the disclaimers. Coca-Cola loosens stubborn bugs from windshields, but if it touches your paint the acid will destroy your finish. WD-40 works well for your automobile’s body and grill, but the oil residue creates unsightly spots on your windshield. Try soaking the bug remains in warm water and rubbing a microfiber cloth in a back-and-forth direction to prevent grinding the guts into your paint. Bugs are doubly difficult to remove once they dry, so attack the mess while it’s still gooey to save yourself time and trouble.

Washing your car before honing in on bug spots will give your ride an overall boost. But it’s crucial to wax after you wash. The acidity of bug splatter strips your ride of its protective layers, leaving your car more susceptible to future contaminates. And remember to clean your car every few weeks to polish and protect your paint.

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