Driving Free from Fallen Leaves

School is back in session, football season is well underway, and the leaves are hinting at those vibrant hues that make autumn in Woodstock so breathtaking. Fall offers an endless supply of bonfires, festivals, and sporting events that will have you driving around town more evenings than not. But a new season presents new driving dangers, stubborn stains on your car, and plenty of travel to wear through your recent wax. Before you dive headlong into a pile of leaves, here are a few things to remember about automobile care in autumn.

Fall Automobile Safety

Though winter is the season that gets a bad rap, fall can be almost as dangerous for unsuspecting drivers. Increased rainfall makes the roads slick, and with the wet summer, drivers are more susceptible to disregarding poor driving conditions. Leaves are another driving hazard. Wet leaves interfere with your tire traction, often resulting in accidents from decreased reaction time, gliding into a lane with oncoming traffic, or hydroplaning. Even dry leaves present a problem: they conceal painted road markings and obscure driving dangers like potholes. Drive carefully this fall to prevent your wheels from spinning out.

Removing Leaves from Your Car

Unless you have access to a garage, it’s nearly impossible to park out of the path of falling leaves. But these pops of red, orange, and gold do more than just collect on your car; they stain it, too. Remove leaf residue immediately to prevent the tannins from leaving permanent pigment on your paint. Regular car waxes add a protective layer between your paint and Woodstock’s brilliant fall foliage. Visit Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail throughout the season for a quick wash to keep your vehicle clean, buffed, and well-protected.

photo from flickr

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