Driving in a Doggone World

dog carIt should come as no surprise that Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail is full of car enthusiasts, but many of us are animal lovers, too. So what happens when car enthusiasm and dog enthusiasm overlap? A whole lot of pet hair, dirt, and wet dog smell. The simplest solution is our Ultimate Interior Package, but for those days you just can’t make it to your Woodstock car cleaning experts, there are a few home remedies that might reset the delicate balance between beast and machine, making your ride infinitely smoother.

Removing Dog Hair from Upholstery

When the vacuum cleaner fails to loosen stubborn dog hair, what’s the solution? The best choice is to remove dog hair immediately, preventing it from grinding into your fabric. But if you’re facing a beloved pet that won’t stop shedding, try prepping your seats with fabric softener. Then use a rubber-bristle brush, the sticky side of heavy tape, or a second whirl of the vacuum to loosen and remove stubborn strands of hair.

Eliminating Dog Odor

Whether you’re suffering wet dog smell from the summer influx of rain, or if it’s a day of doggie play that’s nagging your nose, eliminating dog odor can be tough. Vets recommend placing an open container of baking powder or charcoal in your car overnight. The odors will cling to the powder, lifting them free from the fibers of your upholstery. Pet cleaners, white vinegar, and various home-mixed solutions may also loosen—or at least mask—the stench in your seats. But tread carefully with chemical cleaners. Some leave a smell of their own. To avoid buying the wrong bottle, ask your Woodstock carwash specialists what products they recommend.

Whether you have odor-absorbing fabric seats or easy to clean (and scratch) leather seats, taking a few pet precautions will limit your carwash hassle. Protect your vehicle by investing in a doggie bed or pet blanket. The fabric will absorb most of your pup’s scent, making it easier to clean your car after trips with your favorite pooch. And don’t forget to roll down your windows as you cruise down the open road. Your dog will enjoy the fresh, cool breeze as much as you do!

photo from flickr

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