Erasing Fall Leaf Stains From Your Car

The leaves are changing and the air is cooling off…  Hey y’all it’s fall! The trees are full of beautiful colors this time of year. Does your car sit out in the open? Do those leaves fall right on your automobile and leave pesky stains? Here at Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail we love the fall season but NOT the stains it can leave on your car! We will be happy to remove these stains from your car when you bring it in. But just in case you want to try it yourself we’ve come up with some directions to help you remove the leaf stains safely without damaging the painted surface on your car.

Leaves Falling Towne Lake Car Wash and Detail

(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Remove Leaf Stains From Your Car:

  1. Remove the leaves from your car one by one. Do not rub or sweep them off, pick them up. You could scratch your car if you try and sweep them off.
  2. Wash the car with a liquid car wash. Dry it immediately with towels. This will remove the dirt and prevent scratching
  3. You will need a professional leaf stain remover to clean the stains off. If you need to know where to get the stain remover you can contact your local car wash for information on how to purchase this product.
  4. Apply the stain remover to a cloth. Use a cloth diaper to clean the car with the professional leaf stain remover. You may want to repeat this step several times. Be sure you are not scratching the paint surface. It may take two-three times to fully remove the stains.
  5. Now it’st time to rinse the car. Be sure you rinse completely and dry thoroughly with soft towels.
  6. Next you should wax the car. Making sure you pay attention to the places where you removed the stains and give those spots special care when applying the wax.
Remember you can always bring your car to Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail  if you don’t want to hassle with this process. We have all the equipment and stain removers ready to ensure that your car is stain free! If you have any questions please contact us!


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