Everything You Need to Know about Carwash Fundraisers

Carwash fundraisers epitomize the phrase “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Schools, churches, and community organizations spend months planning every last detail, only to watch everything go down the drain. Parking disasters, insufficient supplies, and impromptu water fights are only a few of the trials most DIY carwashes face. But there’s no denying they’re a great way to earn cash for your organization.

What to do?

Carwash Fundraiser Partnerships

cheerleader carwash fundraiserThe problem with most carwash fundraisers isn’t in idea, but execution. Soap, buckets, and wash rags don’t equip kids to give cars that professional, fresh-off-the-lot shine. Home carwashes waste over 90 gallons of water per wash; carwash fundraisers, if anything, waste more water than home washes. But there is a way to clean cars, raise funds, and minimize water use: partner with a professional carwash service.

At Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail, we clean, polish, and hand detail cars like we were born to. We collect discarded water and treat it for reuse, significantly reducing water waste for each carwash. We’re also committed to bettering the Woodstock community. Over the last five years, we’ve donated countless dollars to local organizations through fundraiser partnerships and our Community Returns Program. In fact, when you book a carwash online, $2 of the profits goes to the community program of your choice. We’re proud to support the Anna Crawford Children’s Center, Cherokee County Humane Society, Etowah High School Band, Little Greens, and Kleven Boston Elementary PTA, in addition to other public organizations, private groups, and families in need.

Want to learn more about partnering for fundraisers with a professional carwash? Call Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

Carwash Fundraiser Image from Flickr

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