Facts about Living and Working in Towne Lake, GA

Have you ever wanted to know more about Towne Lake, GA. The team at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail has gathered together some fun facts about the town to share.

Towne Lake, GA  was developed by the Means Brothers Company in the late 1980s as an upscale residential enclave, and has become a bustling commercial area as well.  It is a premier master-planned community and was built on a place formerly known as The Thousand Acre Woods in Woodstock, GA.

Towne Lake is situated 2  miles due west of Woodstock, GA and is 20 miles north west of Atlanta, GA. Most people think the name of the area came from an actual body of water, but this is not the case. The name “Towne Lake” comes from the proximity of the area to the nearby Allatoona Lake and downtown Woodstock, GA. The property was once a part of the Little River State Wildlife Management Area. With rolling hills and lush green tree tops Towne Lake, GA is not only a community that is full of life because of the people but also because of the beautiful landscapes and surroundings as well.

Lake Allatoona, as seen from Red Top Mountain ...

There are many great recreational things to do in Towne Lake, GA. One of them is the lake.  Allatoona Lake  is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir, located about 5 miles west of Towne Lake. It covers more than 12,00 acres and has 270 miles of shoreline. There are 25,000 acres of public land around the Lake, which are owned by the Army Corp. Boating, Swimming, Water Sports, Fishing, Camping, and Hiking Trails all within 10 minutes from town.

The team at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail is proud to be a part of the Towne Lake, GA community. We think it’s a wonderful place to work and live. We are grateful for our loyal customers and friends in the area that help make our carwash number one in the area! If you have any questions or want to  know more about our menu of services please contact us!

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