Fall Car Care

We know there are tips and tricks to winter car maintenance, but cold weather car preparation doesn’t have to wait until the first frost. When your backseat starts filling up with lunchboxes, school papers, and overflowing briefcases, it’s the optimal time to check under the hood. You don’t want to face concerts, festivals, and school plays with an underperforming vehicle.car in the fall

Home Checks

Fall car safety starts with you. Check your car indicator gauges for any imbalances. If you’re getting poor gas mileage or losing tire pressure, you may have leaks caused by pinpricks in your fuel hose or tires. Also take the time to examine your tread and test your breaks. Fall in Woodstock means leaves clogging back roads, which increases your risk of skidding across the asphalt. Become aware of any impending problems. This will allow your mechanic to investigate any issues not included in a routine check, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Use a Trusted Mechanic

When maintaining the essentials of your engine, it’s imperative to find a trusted professional. A routine check keeps your car running properly. Your car needs several basic service check-ups each year. Make sure that your mechanic checks the following:

  • Oil and filter
  • Belts and hoses
  • Windshield wipers
  • Headlights, brake lights, and hazard lights
  • Tire tread and rotation

All fluids (anti-freeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, windshield-wiper fluid)

When your car looks good under the hood, clean out any trash, dirt, or clutter that’s accumulated over the summer. A clean, well-maintained car will give you a smooth cruise into autumn.

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