Father’s Day Carwash Guide

Lexus carwash - Chris WilliamsIt’s no secret that men love their cars. On the standard list of “dad’s favorite things,” auto accessories rank right up there with grills and golf gear. If you’re still scrambling for a gift for Father’s Day (or your dad just loves all things automotive), check out the top 4 gifts for dad at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

  1. Detail and auto wax. Is your father busy working in the yard, fixing things up around the house, or sorting through bills and statements? Perhaps he wants nothing more this Father’s Day than to kick back and watch his favorite TV show? With so many life tasks to finish (or ignore, as the case may be), a weekend carwash might not be on his to-do list. Surprise your dad with a washed, waxed, and fully detailed vehicle this Father’s Day. Schedule a carwash online or drop by for a walk-in carwash when your dad is preoccupied. Just don’t take his wheels for a joyride before you cruise back into the garage—that sort of thing is reserved for your special day.
  2. A Saturday carwash. Never get to catch up with your dad? Hop in the car and treat him to a Saturday carwash. Weekends at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail are fun, laid back, and full of pizza. Enjoy an hour or two hanging out in our carwash lounge while his newly cleaned car gleams outside.
  3. A gift card. Is your father constantly commuting, running errands, and traveling out of town? A carwash gift card is your go-to gift for dads on the move. Get him a quick wash, a full auto detail, or anything in between.
  4. Car accessories. If your father is a Woodstock carwash regular who knows our menu better than you do, it may be time to think outside the tunnel. Our waiting room is fully stocked with automobile accessories ranging from sturdy vinyl floor mats to air fresheners that attach to a car’s air vents. Buy your dad a car accessory and Father’s Day card or supplement your gift card with that sticky pad you know he needs for his dashboard.

Treat your dad to a full-service car clean this Father’s Day

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