Georgia’s New Car Tags

As you have been noticed, new Georgia car tags are showing up on vehicles all over the state. State guidelines say any license plates issued prior to December 1, 2003, will be replaced either when owners renew their vehicle registration or when they register a vehicle for the first time. Those with tags issued after Dec 1, 2003 won’t be replaced until May 2013.

georgia-license-plateThe new car tag was designed by Linda Sosebee of Forsyth and was chosen from 500 entries in a contest last year. Governor Nathan Deal chose the design featuring peaches in the foreground against a backdrop of green hills.

The new tag material is a hard vinyl produced by 3M, with printed letters and numbers rather than raised. This simple change makes production of tags cheaper and easier, and also helps in visibility of the tags from farther away.

The contest drew much controversy last year with the motto “In God We Trust” placed on the bottom. After much debate, it has been decided that the new motto will only be optional.


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