Get Your Car in Shape for Fall

You may be ready for high school football games, fall festivals in downtown Woodstock, and tailgates at KSU, but is your car ready to take you there? Many car owners put off auto maintenance until winter, but don’t ignore preventative car care. Autumn auto care keeps your family safe and your car running smoothly.

5 Fall Car Maintenance Tips

  1. auto mechanicCheck your tire pressure. With temperatures going haywire, tires expand and contract, which may result in partially deflated tires. Check your car for proper inflation and good tread, especially if you’re hitting the road for an away game.
  2. Pay attention. Driving in the fall presents a series of new challenges. Falling leaves can limit visibility, and leaves on the road limit tire traction, especially when those leaves are wet. Combine slippery roads with an earlier sunset, and you have a recipe for disaster for distracted drivers.
  3. Watch for wildlife. Not only is it more difficult to see wildlife during wet or foggy weather, deer become more active in the fall. Warn your teen drivers to pay extra close attention when driving back roads this autumn.
  4. Stick to a schedule. In August, families dive into “back to school” mode, helping them stay on track for carpools and commutes. But as September leads into October, it’s easy to get off track in the morning, leading to rushed commutes. Sidestep dangerous driving by sticking to a morning schedule.
  5. Book a wash and wax. Fall is full of organic debris that can damage your car’s paint. The best way to protect your exterior from lasting leaf prints is to invest in a professional auto wax.

Can’t find the time for a quick wash between school, work, and kids’ sports practice? Booking a carwash is easier than ever. Schedule an appointment online before you visit. Once you’re here, you can grab your tablet, hook up to our free wifi, and put those thirty minutes between grocery shopping and soccer practice to good use.

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