How To Prevent Frozen and Foggy Windows

With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, we have to start dealing with frozen windows in the morning and foggy windows at night. Although it is frustrating, with proper technique you should have clear windows again in no time. Below, I am going to cover the best ways to get rid of frozen and foggy car windows.

 Preventing Foggy Windows

Don’t you hate it when it is raining outside and you car windows fog up? Not only are foggy windows extremely hazardous, but they are also very annoying. As soon as you see the windows start to fog up, turn up the heat and direct the airflow to your defrosters with the AC switch engaged. If you car doesn’t have AC, you will need to open up the back windows to get the air moving (let’s just hope it is not raining too hard.) If all else fails, a rag or an article of clothing should work just fine. By regularly cleaning your window, you will be able to prevent some of fog in the future.

Removing Ice from a Frozen Windshield

There is nothing worse than coming out to your car in the winter and finding it frosted over. Hopefully you are not running late at the time, because this process isn’t exactly quick. The easiest way I have found is to turn your car heater on and let the warm air inside the car defrost the windows. In the mean time you can go inside and make a cup of hot cocoa or coffee. If you are willing to do a little more work, try scraping the ice off using an ice scraper. Make sure you are wearing gloves because this task is bound to leave you cold.

How do you get rid of foggy and frozen windows?

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