How to Keep a Car Clean (Even with Kids)

kids in the car trunkThere are some faces we see every week: car enthusiasts, nature lovers, and folks with jobs that leave their cars dirt-streaked and dull. But the faces we see most consistently are Woodstock parents. When it comes to keeping cars clean, parents have the hardest battle. Kids drop food, throw food, scribble on the seats, lose toys, leave fingerprints on the windows, and continually invent creative ways to make cars messy. If you’re a parent who likes a clean vehicle, try these 4 ways to keep a car clean (even with kids).

  1. Out with the old. As a very wise woman once said, the beginning is the very best place to start. Enlist your spouse to watch the kids while you take everything out of the car and start from scratch. Strap the car seats back into position, toss anything that looks like trash, and start an organization plan for toys, cups, and emergency supplies like children’s tylenol.
  2. Take advantage of down time. When you have kids, it’s hard to find the time to sort the toys from the trash. Use the few extra minutes at traffic lights and gas pumps to throw away broken crayons, fast food trash, and other junk that collects in your car.
  3. Tidy up between carwashes. Make each trip to Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail last longer by investing in a handheld vacuum cleaner, wet wipes, and a spot cleaner for upholstered seats.
  4. Spill-proof your trash can. Kids have a tendency to knock over trash bags, leaving the car sticky and dirty. Kid-proof your car trash can by converting a plastic cereal holder into a garbage receptacle. Line it with a plastic bag, pop on the lid, and open the hole on top for a sturdy, spill-free trash station.

Want to start off the school year on the right track? Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for a full auto detail.

photo from flickr

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