How to Make Valentine’s Day Special

With Valentine’s Day just 2 weeks away, many Woodstock residents are starting to think about how to top last year’s celebration. Chocolate kisses on a spouse’s pillow, rose bouquets at work, and dinner reservations make excellent Valentine’s Day surprises, but if you’re ready for a gift that’s outside of the box, keep reading. Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail has found 5 ways your car can make Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

5 Ways Your Car Can Make Valentine’s Day Special

  1. valentine's day carWant to get unique with your Valentine’s Day deliveries this year? Your automobile can help! Hide gifts and treats around your significant other’s car. This could include flowers in the glove box (write a note on a heart sticker to make sure they see it!), tickets to a play tied to their keys, or Valentine’s chocolates in their cup holders.

  2. Are you a big gestures kind of couple? If you can’t afford to buy your spouse a car this year (who can?), decorate your significant other’s car for the holiday. Try a big red bow on the hood (you can buy them at local craft stores) or fill the cab with dozens of heart balloons. Just make sure there’s room in the garage for your spouse to store them so their vision’s not impeded on the way to work!

  3. A drive-in movie. Want to go retro this Valentine’s Day? Shine up the car and take your significant other to the drive-in this Valentine’s Day. Pack a blanket and a picnic, put down the front seats, and cuddle up in the back for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration.

  4. A scavenger hunt. Are you the type to go all out? Plan a Valentine’s Day tour of the places you fell in love! Make it a scavenger hunt your loved one has to solve or have a gift waiting at each location. The sky (and the Georgia border) is the limit!

  5. Is your spouse constantly overwhelmed with work, kids, and life’s chores? Snag their keys and sneak away to Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail. There’s no better way to say “I love you” than a Valentine’s day care- uh, carwash.

Can’t make it in for a carwash before February 14th? Pick up one of our cute, clever, and sweet Valentine’s Day cards and buy your significant other a carwash gift card for the holiday. There’s no better way to show you care (except maybe hiding the gift card inside a box of chocolates).

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