How to Pet-Proof Your Car

dog by ferarriWhat’s the fastest way to dirty your car? Love your dogs! Favorite pets leave hairballs, slobber, snot, and who knows what else on the inside of their owners’ cars. But for most pet owners, leaving the loveable scamps at home isn’t a better option. So what to do?

How to Pet-Proof Your Car

  1. Deep clean. Before pet-proofing your car, take it to your Woodstock carwash for a full interior wash. That way you won’t trap dirt, debris, and fur when you take preventative pet measures.
  2. Buy sturdy floor mats. Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail stocks heavy vinyl, weather-proof floor mats. They’re great for adventurers, construction workers, and pet owners alike. Floor mats will protect your carpet from dirt, fur, and unexpected messes in the backseat.
  3. Seal the seats. Instead of scrubbing out slobber every day, create a barrier between your dog and your seats with a fabric sealer. Trust us, it’ll make cleanup a whole lot easier.
  4. Consider seat covers. Seat covers get a bad rap (we’ve seen some truly hideous designs), but not all seat covers are made alike. Protect your upholstery with a tasteful, machine washable cloth seat cover.
  5. Coat the windows. Does your pup love to press his nose against the window? He’s leaving behind snot, spit, and other contaminates that dull the window’s shine. Invest in a temporary or permanent glass coating and stop sweating your dog’s love of the open road.
  6. Crack the windows. Sometimes a joyride is the most dangerous thing a dog can do. A few minutes in a hot car can quickly turn deadly for your beloved pet. Keep the windows cracked, but know it’s not enough. Never leave your dog in the car when shopping, eating, or running errands that will take more than five minutes.

Ready to get started? Schedule an auto detail at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail to prep your car for pet-proofing.

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