How to Save Money When Driving

With summer around the corner, chances are you are taking a road trip or two with the family sometime soon. Before hitting the road you will want to make sure that you know how to save the most money on gas. Here are a few easy ways:

1)  Change/optimize your driving habits.  Accelerate slowly; do not speed, the closer you are to 60 mph the more efficient your car will generally run.  When you know you are going to come to a stop soon….coast down in speed…do not accelerate so you then need to hit the brakes hard.

2)  Inflate tires properly. Tires lose pressure over time, and underinflated tires burn up the gas. Keeping tires inflated to the car manufacturer’s recommendations will make a gallon of gas go farther, but it makes tires last longer and improves safety, especially for SUVs and trucks.

3)  Keep you air filter clean.

4)  Do not have unnecessary weight in your car.  The bowling ball and 100 pound bag of kitty litter you have in your trunk…take it out…it burns fuel to tow it around.

5)  Use synthetic oil instead of conventional.  Synthetic oil is said to improve gas mileage up to 2% but…the problem is Synthetic costs much more than conventional oil and the saved gas mileage would not make up the cost difference.

6)  Combine errands…instead of several short trips…try to wait and do everything in one longer trip.

7)  Maintain your car properly.  A good running car is a more fuel efficient car.

8)  Consider a Gas Credit card…can get up to 5% back on gasoline purchases.

Hopefully these tips will help you save money on your next big trip. If you are interested in having your car cleaned  before hitting the road, stop by Towne Lakes Car Wash and Detail in Woodstock, GA and we will get you all cleaned up before hitting the road.

image from flickr

image from flickr

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