Keep Carpets Clean with Vinyl Floor Mats

As the holiday season approaches, cars become catch-alls for Christmas presents, sale items, and holiday decorations. Unfortunately, they also wind up storing all the mud, moisture, and debris we track in when the temperatures drop. What’s the best way to keep your carpets clean for holiday hauling? As much as we love visits from our favorite Woodstock residents, a bi-weekly interior carwash isn’t the answer. If you’re sick of scrubbing mud from your car’s carpets, it’s time to invest in an all-weather vinyl floor mat.

Vinyl Floor Mats

All weather premium car mats

At Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail, we keep a full stock of car accessories for any season. While you wait for us to vacuum leaves and dirt from the floors of your car, you can check out our stock of convenient car care items that will make your next carwash easier. Our vinyl floor mats are great for any season, with high edges and special ridges designed to trap water, dirt, and debris. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunter or a housewife, these floor mats will keep spills from leaking onto your carpets. The no-slip grip backing prevents these durable floor mats from slipping around on your floors. Our all-weather floor mats are built to fit smoothly in any vehicle, whether you have a compact car, a mid-sized SUV, or a powerful truck. Protect your carpets from stains, water damage, and more by investing in floor mats that can withstand even the toughest lifestyles.

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