Keep Your Car Clutter Free

School is back in session, leaving parents in Woodstock with hectic mornings, longer commutes, and afternoons spent sitting in car line. It also means a new kind of mess for parents’ cars. As we move from the season of musty towels to broken pens, here are a few tips to keeping cars clean during the school year.

Back to School Car Cleaning Tips

  1. girl doing homework in carLay down the law. Want to avoid markers under the seat, forgotten backpacks, and homework in the car? Make clear rules at the beginning of the year (and stick to them!). Avoid a messy car by making the kids wait for home before unloading their backpacks. Put backpacks and lunchboxes in the trunk to avoid en route catastrophes like spilled snacks and dropped supplies.
  2. Carpool. More kids, more mess, right? Not necessarily. By switching off mornings, weeks, or special trips with another parent, you give yourself time to cleanup between trips with the kids. And the sooner you mop up a spill, the better your car will look. Bonus: carpooling is a major gas saver.
  3. Think like a parent. Are you missing major signs of a messy car? Crumbs between the seats aren’t the only mess parents worry about. Make sure to wash footprints off the back of the seat, art off the windows, and sticky spills out of cupholders on your next between carwash touch up. Keep wet wipes in the glove compartment to attack spills right when they happen. And don’t forget to keep a few plastic bags handy for unexpected trash.
  4. Visit Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail. We know you don’t have time to deep clean your car each week. Visit your Woodstock carwash and take care of emails, phone calls, or writing your grocery list in our comfortable, climate controlled waiting room. We’ll return your car streak, dirt, and crumb-free!

Get a cleaner car on your terms! Schedule your carwash online and stop worrying about the wait.

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