Keep Your Car Contaminate-Free This Fall

white car and colorful fall foliageSpring pollen falls like a plague across Georgia, coating our cars, our homes, and our roads in an allergy-ridden infestation of gold dust. Fall pollen comes more softly, creeping across fields and drifting off of ragweed flowers without the bright grandiosity of spring allergy season. But just because fall pollen fails to trumpet its arrival doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

You might not see the vivid yellow pollen contamination on first look, but closer view of your car will likely tell a different story. Unless you hear the tell-tale sneezing of an allergy sufferer, fall pollen might pass you by. But just because it’s less obvious than spring contaminates doesn’t make it good for your automobile. If you’re worried about fall contaminates eroding your paint, grinding into carpets and upholstery, and making your car exterior look dingy, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up our best blogs about preventing seasonal contaminants from damaging your car.

Protect Your Car from Fall Contaminates

April Flowers Bring Spring Showers: Learn how pollen damages your car, the best ways to keep your paint clean, and how to prevent contaminated air from infiltrating the cab.

How to Keep Pollen Off Your Car: Alright, your car is clean and shiny again. How can you make sure it stays that way? Learn how washing, waxing, and keeping your windows up can keep fall pollen from invading your vehicle.

Driving Free of Fallen Leaves: Pollen isn’t the only fall contaminate car owners need to worry about. Leaves leave a dusty stain on cars that’s just as harmful to the veneer as spring and fall pollen. Learn how to keep your vehicle clean of leaf stains this autumn.

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