Keeping You Car Clean on Mischief Night

Halloween is just around the corner, and while many of us are planning kids’ costumes and organizing October parties, some of us have other preparations in mind. For car enthusiasts the night before Halloween, the infamous Mischief Night, can be just as scary as the spooky holiday. Parking in a garage is a sure way to avoid auto vandalism; but if you’re a Woodstock resident without access to a covered parking structure, don’t give up hope. Here’s how to withstand the most common car pranks of Mischief Night without suffering lasting damage to your paint, windows, and tires.

Common Pranks

Egging, silly string, and toilet papering are Mischief Night favorites. While they seem harmless—if frustrating—pranks, the chemicals will often erode wax and contaminate your paint. Other common vandalism is soap, syrup, projectiles like rotten produce, powder bombs, and even spray paint. These Mischief Night pranks can cost you anywhere from a trip to your Woodstock quick wash to thousands of dollars in repairs. Even well intentioned trick or treaters can scratch your car’s paint or leave contaminating residue from fingerprints, costume paint, and candy.

Avoiding Car Damage

tp carIf possible, park your car in a garage to avoid Mischief Night mayhem. If a parking structure isn’t available, the most foolproof way to protect your car from vandalism is investing in a car cover. A cover will shield your car from Halloween harm and continue to protect your automobile through the cooler seasons, guarding against fallen leaves, bird droppings, and snow and ice. You can secure most car covers with a locking mechanism to prevent ambitious delinquents from marring your car. If you don’t have the funds to invest in a car cover, keep your home exterior well lit to deter vandals. Make sure you have a fresh coat of wax to keep a protective layer between your car and Halloween slime, and set aside a handful of dollars into a carwash fund to clean any eggs, Crisco, or syrup from your vehicle immediately.

Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail to wash away any holiday tricks, so your family can enjoy the treats they’ve collected around Woodstock.

photo from flickr

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