Making the Most of Your DIY Carwash

Professional carwashes conserve water, extend the life of your vehicle, and simplify the process of washing your car. Experts recommend regular carwashes and car waxes to keep your automobile in tiptop shape. But during the spring pollen season, it’s not always feasible to make three weekly trips to your Woodstock carwash. If you’re looking for a quick touchup between visits to Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail, here are a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of your home carwash.

Cleaning Contaminates Off Your Car

home carwash - wet spongeThe dirt coating your car could cause any type of long-term damage to your paint. If you’re between carwashes, take a minute to assess the thin layer of dust on your car. Yellow pollen dust is easy to spot, but smog buildup, water spots, and other daily contaminates are easily overlooked. Determine whether your car needs a full carwash or spot cleaning. If your vehicle has pollen buildup, bugs stuck to the hood, or bird droppings on the paint, research specific instructions for removing each contaminate. Wiping pollen off your car with a dry rag can scratch the paint, while removing bug splatter or bird droppings without researching your cleaning methods could cause lasting car damage.

3 DIY Carwash Tips for Saving Water

Professional carwashes don’t simply use their water efficiently, they collect runoff water for purification and reuse, saving hundreds of gallons of water each day. Home carwashes are notorious for wasting water. If you’re washing your car at home, follow these 3 tips for conserving water.

  1. Spot clean your car whenever possible
  2. Park your car on the grass to stop runoff water from contaminating storm drains with chemical cleaners
  3. Buy an adjustable nozzle for your hose to prevent wasting water

Visit Your Local Carwash

If you’re dealing with a particularly difficult stain, it’s best to leave car cleaning to the professionals. Visit Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail to eradicate car contaminates and keep your car bright for spring. While we detail your automobile, shop our selection of inexpensive car accessories like vinyl floor mats, car air fresheners, and carwash gift cards to give in graduation cards.

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