Mastering Your Wheels

teen with keys - first time drivingThe first time a teen gets behind the wheel, it’s a mixed experienced. Some kids feel excitement, nerves, freedom, or a newfound sense of responsibility. It’s easier to pin down parents’ reactions. Most parents hand their kids the keys and feel outright terror. Learning to drive is an intimidating experience for everyone involved. If you’re feeling nervous about handing your teenager the car keys for the first time, make sure they’re fully prepared to hit the road.

How to Train Teen Drivers

There are some basics that every new driver learns: braking and acceleration, how to use windshield wipers and blinkers, and safe merging. Other driving tips are overlooked: how to control the car when its hydroplaning, the safest part of the lane to drive in, and Georgia driving laws like the Move-Over law. When you’re teaching a teen to drive, make sure you adequately prepare them for:

  • Basic car safety (seat belts, headlights in bad weather, etc)
  • School parking lot safety
  • Proper responses to aggressive drivers
  • How to drive in traffic, in neighborhoods, and in unfamiliar areas
  • Driving in inclement weather
  • Phone and texting laws in Georgia

Prep the Vehicle

When you send your kids out onto the roads, you want to know they’re safe. The first step to a safe driving experience is proper instruction. The second is car maintenance. Before your teen pulls out of the driveway, make sure the car has undergone yearly maintenance, that the tire pressure is adequate, and that the brakes are working properly. Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail to make sure the windshield is clear and car is clean for your kid’s first journey.

Want to reward your teen for his first month of safe driving? Give him a carwash gift card for Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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