Our Menu

Our services include the very best carwash equipment known to the industry and a fully staffed award winning detail team that can turn even the dirtiest car or truck into your “pride and joy”. We have a full menu of carwashes, starting at $8.00 and a host of available details and upgrades.

Hand Dry

Tunnel Washed and Hand Dry – $8.00

Super Interior
Full Clean
Tunnel Washed Windows, Vacuum, Dust Dash & Center Console – $16.00
Wax: Orbital Polish
Carpet Express

Includes a Quick service plus shampooing all carpets in vehicle

Quick Service
Wheel Luster with Tri-Foam Conditioner Applied in Tunnel – $21.00
Quick Service Plus
Quick Service w/ Rain-X & Interior Dressing (2 Doors w/ Dash) – $27.00
Ultimate Interior
Super, Carpet & Seats – $90.00
Exterior Supreme
Quick Service w/ Spray Wax (wax as you dry) – $29.99
Complete Detail
Super, Wax & Carpet – $120.00
Hand Wash
Full Service w/ Hand Wash – $36.00