Our Top 5 Car Wash Tips

The team at Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail has come up with our Top 5 Car Wash Tips. We believe if you use these tips when washing your car you will prevent unnecessary scratches or stains from occurring on your vehicle.

  1. Don’t forget to close all doors, windows, and sun or moon roofs before starting to wash your car.
  2. Don’t keep the water running. You are wasting  a ton of water if you let the hose run on and on. Instead get a nozzle that will shut off when not in use.
  3. Don’t use dish or laundry soap. These products are not meant for your car and will only strip off the wax.
  4. Begin at the top of the car and work your way down. Save the dirtiest part for last. Rinse your sponge in clean water frequently.
  5. A polymer wax-like product may be easier to buff the excess off of your car.
These are just 5 of the many tips we know about hand car washing at Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail. Let the professionals at our shop give you the top of the line car wash in our area. You’ll find you have more time to do the things you enjoy if you let us help you take care of all your car wash and detail needs.
Towne Lake's Car Wash Hand Dry Service

Hand Dry Service

If you’re in Woodstock, or Towne Lake, Georgia you won’t find a better professional hand car wash than at Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail. We’ve mastered these 5 tips plus all the proper ways to care of your car so that it remains scratch-free and looking great. If you have any questions or want to know more about our services please contact us!

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