Plan the Perfect Carwash Fundraiser

Carwashes are a popular fundraiser for churches, schools, and community groups who want to raise money for their organizations. Whenever the weather warms, Woodstock residents start seeing soapy parking lots and hand painted signs on every corner. Though carwashes are an excellent way to gain funds for community projects and youth trips, private carwashes have their drawbacks. Instead of organizing an amateur carwash, partner with Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for a carwash fundraiser.

DIY Carwashes

do it yourself carwashWhen you plan a carwash project, there are a hundred details to consider. Date and time, rain plans, volunteers, signs, supplies, traffic flow, and a seemingly endless list of other organizational hassles. You have to arrive early and stay late to clean up, keep your volunteers on task, and make sure your teams are washing each car adequately. You need to account for a power supply and extension cords for vacuums, snacks and refreshments to keep your volunteers energized, and the correct handling and storing of money. Cherokee County has a list of water regulations and restrictions to consider before planning your carwash fundraiser, but no matter how well you prepare, DIY carwashes waste and contaminate the local water supply. Instead of investing weeks of planning and preparation, organize your fundraiser at a professional carwash in Woodstock.

Professional Carwash Fundraisers

Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail supports the Woodstock community. We strive to make fundraisers simple for local organizations. Join our community returns project and earn $2 of every carwash booked online for your organization. We also partner with local schools, churches, charities, and community organizations on professional carwash fundraisers. When we plan a community fundraiser, your organization will receive a portion of each carwash sale on the day of the fundraiser. No volunteers, no supplies, and no streaked, dingy cars after a wash. Simply call your Woodstock quick wash to work out the details of your fundraiser and start making a profit!

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