Prepare Your Car for a Summer Roadtrip

freshly waxed mini cooperSummertime always is the best time for a road trip, but you need to ensure your car is up to the task by making some basic preparations. Overlooking any car detail during the summertime could leave you stranded and needing a tow or roadside service. The following are some basic tips and suggestions from Towne Lake Car Wash and Detail to make certain your car is in the best possible condition for a summertime road trip.

Keep It Cool

One of the most important things you will need to do is check your coolant to make sure your engine won’t overheat while on a long drive. Summertime travel means hot temperatures outdoors as well as under your hood, so you need to ensure your coolant is fresh and will keep your engine well within operating temperatures. You might simply need to top it off, but a flush and fill might be required for optimal driving.

Belts and Hoses

Check that your rubber belts and hoses are in good condition and won’t fail, which can cause a coolant leak and your engine to overheat. Your fan belt also needs to be in good shape as your fan will undergo more stress during a summer drive.


Your tires will undergo additional stress during the summertime when the roads are hotter. If your tires aren’t in the best of shape, you should replace them with new ones so you have plenty of tread – and therefore traction and a safer driving experience.

Once you have the safety aspects checked out on your vehicle, the last item on your list is a fresh wash and wax to protect your vehicle’s paint from environmental wear and harsh UV rays. Just stop by Towne Lake Car Wash and Detail or make an appointment and we will send you on your way with a freshly washed car!


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