Protect Your Car from Leaf Damage

With football season underway, it’s impossible to forget that fall is pretty much here. Before you know it you’ll be packing up your swimsuits and spending the weekends at Wolverines games and backyard tailgates. One thing everyone loves about fall is the changing leaves. But the beauty that entices drivers to hit the road each autumn also makes cars a real mess. Protect your car from leaf damage with these fall auto care tips.

How Much Damage Can One Leaf Do?

driving fall roadsA lot. Leaves can block vents, plug drains, limit visibility, create slick driving surfaces, and lead to lasting damage of car paint. When leaves stick to a car, they often trap dirt and moisture against the surface. When left in the hot sun, the acidity of leaves will also damage a car’s finish. This erodes wax and protective sealants before rusting the paint itself. It’s also common for leaves to get sucked into the evaporator drain for the AC, slowly decaying until they clog the system and spill water on your floor mats.

How to Prevent Auto Leaf Damage

When removing leaves from your car, it’s important to remember that what you see isn’t always what you get. When you rely on high-speed winds to whip leaves off your car on the highway, you’re missing the layer of detritus left behind. Follow these tips to limit leaf damage:

  • Wash and wax your car regularly, especially just before changes in the season
  • Remove leaves from your car as soon as possible
  • Keep spot cleaner in your car to remove the film of dirt and acid
  • If possible, park in the garage
  • If you park outside, stay away from trees

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