Protect Your Car From Mischief Night Vandalism

Mischief Night is nearly upon us. While most of us are focused on hanging decorations, coming up with costumes, and buying enough candy to put Towne Lake into a sugar coma, there’s one monster this Halloween that’s truly ghoulish: the vandal. If you’re worried about your car, house, or property this Halloween, here are 4 tips for protecting your property on Mischief Night.

Car Damage on Mischief Night

car vandalism - broken windowWhether they’ve been educated by TV, word of mouth, or personal experience, most Towne Lake residents are well acquainted with the dangers of Mischief Night. The night before Halloween is a free-for-all for mischief-makers, giving them an excuse to damage property and play harmful practical jokes. Mischief Night pranks range from toilet papering and egging houses to throwing rocks at windows. And cars – parked away from the house and about to conceal vandals from view – often get the brunt of it.

Protect Your Car from Vandals

Even supposedly harmless pranks like egging cars or putting crisco under door handles can deteriorate the protective coating on paint, making your car’s veneer susceptible to other contaminates. Other car vandalism severely damages automobiles in more obvious ways. No matter what type of Halloween mischief you’re trying to avoid, it’s best to take precautionary steps to protect your property.

  1. Check your insurance. If vandals sneak past your defenses, are you covered on auto damage? If not, you may want to update your policy.

  2. Park in the garage. If vandals can’t access you’re car, they can’t damage it. It’s as simple as that.

  3. Stay home. If you don’t have a garage for your car (or you’re worried about your home exterior), the best way to deter vandals is to stay home. Keep the porch light on and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

  4. Keep your car clean. If vandals do get to your vehicle, a clean and waxed car can withstand Mischief Night better than an already dirty vehicle.

When it comes to car vandals, better safe than sorry. Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail to protect your finish with an extra coat of auto wax on your car.

photo from flickr

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